The Emerald Bay Alumni Campfire Circle

West Coast Contact:
Rich Wise
(310) 312-8088
[email protected]

East Coast Contact:
Danny Watt
(781) 640-5660
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is my donation tax deductible?
Most likely, YES! The Emerald Bay Alumni is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. As such, your donation may be tax-deductible. Of course, please consult your tax advisor.

What's the deal with Google Checkout?
Google Checkout allows us to take credit-card donations online, securely & safely. It's very similar to Paypal, which you may be familiar with. The advantage of Google Checkout is that they do not charge us any fees (Paypal is around 3%). That means that ALL of your donation will go directly to funding the campfire circle!

What if I want to donate by Check?
That's great! Please mail your donation to:
Emerald Bay Alumni - P.O. Box 959 - Venice, CA 90294

What will the recognition plaques look like?
If you donate $1,000, you'll be honored by a customized plaque on one of the new benches. If you donate $10,000, you'll be honored by a customized plaque for one of the fire rings. We have not yet confirmed the exact details, but we expect the plaques to be brass, inset in one of the benches or near the fire ring, as appropriate. We will keep you updated!

I'd like "my" bench to be near my friend's. Is this possible?
Sure it is! Benches are "named" on a first-come basis, but we'll work with you to choose the bench you'd like. Please take a look at which benches are already "named."

I'd like to make a pledge, but cannot donate (the entire amount) right now.
That's great! Just let us know, and we'll keep track of your pledge for you. Just call or email (see above for contact information). We can also send you a Google Checkout invoice at a later date, as a friendly reminder it's time to donate.


Our Goal: $65,000

Learn more about our next project, The EBA Endowment!


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