The Emerald Bay Alumni Campfire Circle

UPDATE - August, 2009: We're Done!

The Emerald Bay Alumni Campfire Circle was dedicated during the Summer Reunion on August 15, 2009. A HUGE thank-you to everyone who contributed -- this was an absolutely amazing project, and will benefit Emerald Bay and our campers for many years to come. Congratulations!

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Our Goal: $65,000Some of our fondest memories of camp are of the campfire circle and the campfires that we attended there. The brilliant embers, funny skits, catchy songs, and riveting stories have created wonderful, indelible memories.

Although the current staff continues the tradition of great campfires, the campfire circle is in desperate need of repair. The benches wobble, the fire rings are crumbling, and, most importantly, there is not nearly enough seating.

The new Emerald Bay Alumni Campfire Circle will be constructed in the same general area as the old one, but will be turned to face the bay. It will be significantly larger, able to accommodate 1,000 campers and staff.

The rebuilding effort is expected to cost at least $65,000 $90,000. This is the most substantial financial commitment the EBA has ever taken on, but we know that together we can make it happen. It’s important that everyone contribute, no matter the size of the donation. We have worked with camp management to provide special recognition for major contributors to this fundraising campaign.

Together, we can make the new Emerald Bay Alumni Campfire Circle a reality and enrich the lives of many generations to come!

Architect's Rendering of the new, 1000-seat EBA Campfire Circle
Architect's Rendering of the new Campfire Circle - Click for a larger view