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Emerald Bay Alumni Shred Mammoth Mountain

Shredding Mammoth

In the past few years, Emerald Bay Alumni have held annual ski trips in Colorado. This year they mixed it up a bit by hosting the event at Mammoth Mountain on March 20-22. Jessica Schem booked an amazing cabin-town house with four levels and a hot tub, while Jimmy Moore provided food for breakfast and dinner.

Eleven former Emerald Bay Staff and friends drove up on Friday and skied, snowboarded, or explored Mammoth Saturday the 21st. Two more joined up on Saturday night for dinner, hot-tubbing, and a little shindig. On the 22nd a few went out on the mountain again to shred a little more of the spring snow, while others took an adventurous journey out to a hot spring.

Overall, the trip was a blast. The snow was still decent, the cabin was wonderful, and the food was bountiful. Lift tickets may be expensive, but many Alumni had season passes and also bring-a-friend tickets, so no one had to pay the normal rate. Thank you to Jessica Schem, Dave McAlister, and Jimmy Moore for all your hard work planning and executing this EBA trip!

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  1. David McAlister
    David McAlister June 10, 2015

    Thank you Marie McLellan-Heck for writing such a great article!

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