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The impact of your support is immediate, tangible and valuable. Contributions to the EBA allow for large-scale projects such as the Campfire Circle, mountain bikes, kayaks, the EBA Terrace and the new cabin. The EBA also contributes to smaller–but equally important–improvements like new tents, backpacks for the Rangers, and a “Lily Pad” float for wholesome recreation in the swim area. These contributions add touches to the programs that enhance the overall experience for Staff and Scouts alike.

While we work to improve Camp’s programs year after year, the EBA is also committed to sustaining its ability to do so. The EBA’s endowment fund was created to institutionalize our organization and build our ability to look beyond the needs of a given summer. By planning for the future we can help ensure that Emerald Bay Association lives, helping the pinnacle of Scouting to mold future generations of youth into the best selves they can become.

Your donations are the backbone of our organization, and help us fulfill our mission to support Camp Emerald Bay. Thank you!

The EBA is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization, and your donation may be tax-deductible (please consult your tax advisor).

Prefer to donate via check? Great! Please mail it to:

Emerald Bay Association
PO Box 959
Venice, CA 90294

Highlights from our previous projects:

The EBA Terrace (2016)

The new cabins on South Hill are connected via beautiful brick pavers, and a terrace overlooking the parade ground, the big Eucalyptus tree, and of course the Bay itself. The EBA Terrace now serves as a gathering place and social hub, and beautifully mirrors the EBA Campfire Circle on the opposite side of the Parade Ground.

Construction of a new year-round cabin (2013-2015)

The camp recently undertook a historic building project to replace the dilapidated cabins on South Hill.  As you may be aware, most of these cabins dated back to WWII, some further!  The EBA sponsored one of the new, two-story cabins – and it is an amazing sight to behold!

The Emerald Bay Campership Program (started 2009, ongoing annually)

The EBA donated $15,000 towards the Emerald Bay Campership Program for the 2009 season, and has continued to donate each year since. Each year, this benefits approximately 60 scouts who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience Emerald Bay’s amazing programs!

The Tent Campaign (2011)

During the summer of 2011, we saw more scouts and scouters experience camp than ever before.  More than one week saw over 700 people in camp!  The number one need of the camp at that time was additional, and upgraded tents to house our growing population.  The EBA stepped up to the plate and provided the camp with over $19,000 or enough to supply more than 31 tents with platforms, cots, and mattress.  These new tents are manufactured from a lighter weight synthetic fabric and feature zippers, ventilation, and screens to keep the buzz bees out.  A welcome addition to an already great facility.

The Emerald Bay Alumni Campfire Circle (2007-2009)

With your help, we raised over $95,0000 towards the new Campfire Circle!  The renovation is a spectacular testament to the strength and generosity of our community. Meticulously built of interlocking stones, turned to face the bay, and expanded to accommodate more than 750 guests, it is a stunning facility that will be enjoyed by thousands of Campers and Staff for many years to come.

The new “Rugged Adventurers” Program (2006)

With your help, we contributed $13,000 towards the purchase of much-needed, new equipment for the brand-new “Rugged Adventurers” high-adventure program in camp (and all around the island!).

New Docks for the Waterfront (2004-2005)

With your help, we raised $31,000 to replace all of the aging docks on the waterfront. This was our largest fundraising effort to date, and we surpassed all expectations! Thanks to you, the camp now has a complete set of new, durable docks!

Thirty New Mountain Bikes for Camp (2003)

With your help, we purchased 30 new mountain bikes to replace the aging fleet. The mountain-biking program at EB has been incredibly popular since it introduction in the mid 1990s when the current bike fleet was originally purchased.

A New Rifle Range for Camp (2002)

The old rifle range was built in the early 1950s and no longer adequately supported the needs of the fieldsports program. The new facility was built in part through the funds we raised! The Emerald Bay Association contributed $20,000 towards the $60,000 needed for the new range (the final cost was much higher than expected). Alan Solursh generously donated and fundraised to make up the difference, and the new Solursh Rifle Range is proudly named in his honor.